Systemic Artifice | Emory University's Veneralia 2013 | Experiencing Art in Architecture

Interior Installation with Chris Jones

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Systemic Artifice developed from an invitation to transform the top story of Michael Graves' acclaimed Michael C. Carlos Museum for an event honoring Micheal Graves' contribution to Emory's campus.

Systemic Artifice was inspired by the museum's extensive Egyptian art collection. The backbone of the collection really reflects a civilization based on ideas and forms derived from a system of pieces forming a complex unity, which serves a common belief or purpose. These ideas are evident in the works left to us - works that endured time. We are left with objects that were labored upon by an unprecedented number of workers. This is artifice.....the production, or making of something, and of artistic skill.

However, we are only left with the work meant to endure time. A propaganda of sorts. Work that may not, and surely doesn't, reflect the daily life of the ancient Egyptians, as is evident from the countless love poems discovered in worker camps. Artifice reflects this lost deceive others....

Walls were stenciled with QR codes - a modern hieroglyphic, linked to current issues in Egyptian culture.


Nearly 20,000 zip ties were used to create the Systemic Artifice installation.